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What is the One Million Teachers of Color Campaign? An initiative to build stronger schools through educator diversity.  Learn more: https://1mtoc.org/thecampaign & follow @1MToC!
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#1MTOC: A coalition of education organizations committed to adding 1 million teachers of color to the education workforce by 2030. How? Advocating for policies, and supporting state & district leaders in making our goal a reality.
 Join us: https://1mtoc.org/ @1MToC 


The 1 Million Teachers of Color website is LIVE! Learn about the campaign, see the data, and discover our approach: https://1mtoc.org/. Follow @1MToC for updates! @CenterBlackEd @EdTrust @Latinos4Ed @TNTP @teachplus @NewLeadersOrg @MCELLeaders @Hunt_Institute. 


The One Million Teachers of Color campaign has a goal of adding one million teachers of color and thirty-thousand leaders of color to the education workforce over the next decade. Our campaign is made up of leaders from the education sector and beyond, united in the belief that when education systems are designed to honor the humanity of teachers and school leaders of color, students and our entire society benefit.  #1MTOC #teachersofcolormatter

Learn more: https://1mtoc.org/thecampaign