For 20 years, The Hunt Institute has been a magnetic force, attracting policymakers from both sides of the aisle who are interested in improving education. We are motivated to build upon Governor Jim Hunt’s legacy to connect education leaders and create positive change in education policy, not only in North Carolina, but also across the nation.

The Campaign

This campaign aims to celebrate The Hunt Institute’s 20 years of hard work, with a look back on major milestones over the years, and an emphasis on our current and future national efforts.

  • Sunday, May 16-Monday May 17 | Launch of campaign; coincides with Governor Jim Hunt’s birthday.
  • May 24 – October 18 | Social Media Campaign; each week represents one year of The Hunt Institute. During this time, we will share content related to the history as well as present day of The Institute.
  • October 25  – December 31 | 20th anniversary compilation content will be shared.

What Can Your Organization do as Our Partner?

  • Share our content! We would appreciate your organization sharing the announcement of the campaign, as well as anniversary content over the course of the campaign. Here is a link to our Twitter account. Below, we’ve included some Tweets your organization can use if you’d like to do an original tweet.
  • Bookmark this page and check back here often! We’ll send periodic reminders for you to return here throughout the campaign to find suggested posts, and hope you will help us celebrate!

Week of June 28 Tweets

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Every week, our partner, @Hunt_Institute adds a year of history to its timeline! Check out the #EdPolicy work the organization was up to in the early to mid-2000s. #Connect4Ed #THI20

In 2006, @Hunt_Institute gathered North Carolina leading education policymakers not once, but twice, to take examine the most pressing issues in education at that time. Learn more in the organization’s timeline, updated every week. #Connect4Ed #THI20

Have you had a chance to check out @Hunt_Institute’s timeline? To celebrate 20 years, the organization is taking a look back at its history. You can catch up from 2001 to 2006 now! #Connect4Ed #THI20

In 2006, @educationweek praised @Hunt_Institute‘s namesake, Gov. Hunt, for his ability to gain #bipartisan support for critical education initiatives. See how the organization built off the former governor’s #EdPolicy agenda in the ’00s. #Connect4Ed #THI20

Graphics & Video

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20th Anniversary Social Media Graphic

20th Anniversary Video

2006 Graphic