Hunt-Kean Fellows Staff Social Media Kit

This social media kit is to be used by The Hunt Institute’s staff during the three-day Hunt-Kean Convening in Washington D.C. Below you’ll find tweets that can be used Tuesday, December 7 – Friday, December 10. We also encourage you to post your own thoughts and photos on LinkedIn.

Some notes:

  • You can use these Tweets as they are, but please feel free to tweak them as you’d like.
  • You can save the image above and use it with any Tweets — this graphic would be especially good to use for Tweets when we arrive in D.C. or when we’re heading home!
  • Don’t forget to tag your colleagues in Tweets!
  • We encourage you to snap photos and include them with the tweets below to promote greater audience engagement.
  • Tweet as much as you’d like, but do not tweet anything said by policymakers.

Useful Links:

Tuesday, December 7

Tweet 1 – Tweet When Traveling

Excited to travel with @Hunt_Institute for our #HKFellows convening in Washington, D.C., and meet the talented education-minded #policymakers representing Cohorts 7 & 8.

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Tweet 2 – Tweet When Traveling

Just landed in our nation’s capital for @Hunt_Institute’s #HKFellows convening. I look forward to spending the next three days interacting with #policymakers who are interested in improving education in this country.

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Tweet 3 – Tweet When Traveling

This week, @Hunt_Institute welcomes #HKFellows from Cohorts 7 & 8 for two days of #EdPolicy discussions in Washington, D.C. It’s going to be three packed days of discussions between resource experts and #policymakers and I can’t wait.

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Tweet 4 – Tweet from Staff Dinner

Staff dinner on the eve of @Hunt_Institute’s #HKFellows convening. It feels great to take some time to relax and bond with my colleagues before three #EdPolicy packed days! (include photo at dinner)

Tweet 5 – Tweet from Staff Dinner

After a wonderful dinner with @Hunt_Institute colleagues, I’m eager to meet Cohorts 7 & 8 of our #HKFellows here in D.C. Bring on the next three days of #EdPolicy discussions. (include photo at dinner)

Wednesday, December 8

Tweet 1 – During Today’s Sessions

It’s the first morning of #HKFellows. We have an entire day devoted to #EarlyChildhood — it’s going to be a good one with my colleagues @danwuori, @LZbyszinski, @karencmcknight moderating a few of these discussions.

Tweet 2 – During Today’s Sessions

At @Hunt_Institute, we know the first 1000 days of a child’s life is the time to lay the foundations for future behavior, learning, and health. Today, #HKFellows learn more about #EarlyChildhood — excited for @danwuori, @LZbyszinski, @karencmcknight to moderate discussions.

Tweet 3 – During Today’s Sessions

#EarlyChildhood educators have been on a roller coaster throughout this #pandemic. Really looking forward to a day of #EarlyLearning discussions with our #HKFellows. The early years set children up for success later in life and it’s so important we acknowledge this.

Tweet 4 – During Dinner

Dinner with this exemplary view of our nation’s capital, surrounded by policymakers from across the country working to make a difference in the lives of children. Doesn’t get much better than this. #HKFellows #EdPolicy (include photo at Potomac View Terrace)

Tweet 5 – During Dinner

Spending the first evening of #HKFellows with a view of D.C.’s monuments. We’ll be hearing from Governor Jim Douglas later this evening as he delivers tonight’s speech. (include photo at Potomac View Terrace)

Thursday, December 9

Tweet 1 – During Today’s Sessions

Ready for a day of #K12 #EdPolicy discussions at @Hunt_Institute’s #HKFellows Convening! As states & districts look to build back stronger after the #pandemic, these conversations couldn’t be more important.

Tweet 2 – During Today’s Sessions

My colleagues Erica Vevurka, @alc1920, @Vron_Butcher are moderating #HKFellows discussions today alongside some of our country’s leading #EdPolicy experts. So proud!

Tweet 3 – During Today’s Sessions

#K12 day at #HKFellows looks like #EdPolicy conversations on school effectiveness & accountability, curriculum & standards, #EdLeaders, and school choice. Especially excited for my colleagues Erica Vevurka, @alc1920, @Vron_Butcher to moderate some of these important discussions.

Tweet 4 – For Dinner with Policymakers’ Staff

Heading to @PinstripesBBB with our #HKFellows’ staff! Really looking forward to unpacking the day and learning more about the day-to-day happenings of #policymakers’ staff.

Tweet 5 – For Dinner with Policymakers

Dinner with our #HKFellows tonight is at the magnificent Larz Anderson House . Walking through its doors is like going back in time — this house was built in 1905! (photo of the house)

Friday, December 10

Tweet 1 – During Today’s Sessions

The December #HKFellows meeting wraps up today with a panel of former Governors Jim Douglas, Parris Glendening, Tom Kean, @Gov_Martinez, and @janemswift. What a great opportunity for our Fellows hear from former state leaders.

Tweet 2 – During Today’s Sessions

It’s been wonderful to get to know Cohorts 7 and 8 of @Hunt_Institute’s #HKFellows. This is such a special group of state leaders who truly care about improving education for all students. #EdEquity #EdPolicy
Tweet 3 – During Today’s Sessions

It sure is bittersweet to say goodbye to our #HKFellows today. It feels good to know that we have state leaders across the country devoted to making schools and classrooms happy, engaging places for our students. #EdEquity #EdPolicy