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When John Belk, @MCBelkPilon‘s father, graduated from @DavidsonCollege, he gave his diploma to his father. Today, MC Belk Pilon leads @BelkEndowment, which her father founded to create #equitable #postsecondary pathways. @Hunt_Institute #AsYetUntold

In 1985 at 12-years-old, @MCBelkPilon met @Hunt_Institute’s namesake, Governor Hunt. In the latest episode of #AsYetUntold with @JSiddiqi7 she talks about how his legacy inspired her work leading @BelkEndowment.

As we recognize the needs of #postsecondary students after the #pandemic year, @MCBelkPilon is listening, learning, and lifting up the most critical needs in North Carolina. Learn more about her work at @BelkEndowment in @Hunt_Institute‘s #AsYetUntold.


When MC Belk Pilon’s father graduated from Davidson College, he proudly gave his degree to his father, as a way to say thank you. MC Belk Pilon’s father, John M. Belk, went on to found the John M. Belk Endowment, a North Carolina philanthropy that seeks to make #postsecondary education attainable for every student, no matter their background. Today, MC Belk Pilon leads the foundation, committed to making sure every student that steps on campus walks away with a diploma.

In 2012, MC Belk Pilon began leading the John M. Belk Endowment, a philanthropy that works in North Carolina to make sure individuals have access and support to complete #postsecondary education and secure stable jobs. In The Hunt Institute’s latest episode of #AsYetUntold, she shares the organization’s history and talks about its unwavering commitment to education.



In the latest episode of The Hunt Institute’s podcast, As Yet Untold, The Institute’s President and CEO Dr. Javaid Siddiqi sits down with MC Belk Pilon, President and Board Chair of the John M. Belk Endowment. We hope you’ll take a listen to this conversation, where she talks about the short- and long-term changes her organization is working toward to increase postsecondary attainment in North Carolina.

The podcast is available on Google, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. Listen here: