2022 Holshouser Legislators Retreat





Leading Up to Event:

Can’t wait for this upcoming Sunday and Monday, March 27-28th, for The @Hunt_Institute’s annual Holshouser Legislators Retreat. Ready to dive into education policy in a bipartisan and collaborative environment! Follow along with @jsiddiqi7 for #HLR22 updates.

Proud to work for an organization that holds space for the complexities of education policy in a bipartisan environment. The @Hunt_Institute’s annual Holshouser Legislators Retreat is taking place in just a couple days. Stay tuned with our president @jsiddiqi7 for #HLR22 updates!

#HLR22 is happening this weekend in Durham! Follow @jsiddiqi7 and @Hunt_Institute for updates on our conversations about all things education policy.

With our 2022 Holshouser Legislators Retreat coming up in just a few days, we wanted to give a huge thank you to our funders who have made this possible. We appreciate your support in helping these important #equity conversations happen! #HLR22


Day of Posting:

Today The @Hunt_Institute will welcome NC legislators for two days of #EdPolicy discussions in Durham, NC. It’s going to be 2 packed days of discussions between resource experts and #policymakers and our team can’t wait. Follow our CEO  @jsiddiqi7  for updates. #HLR22

Today our @Hunt_Institute team will be in Durham for #HLR22, hearing from resource experts and policymakers on al things #EdPolicy. Excited to hear from our esteemed panelists and speakers! Follow along with @jsiddiqi7 for updates.

We are in Durham today for #HLR22! Our team at The @Hunt_Institute is so excited to be here with NC legislators to discuss #EdPolicy and have thought-provoking conversations. Stay tuned for updates with @jsiddiqi7.