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Special Series: Early Childhood Workforce |
Strengthening Systems: Embedding Equity when Defining Quality

Tuesday, August 9 |  2 pm ET 

Research has shown that high-quality experiences are essential to unlocking the short- and long-term benefits of early childhood. Many states establish quality standards and utilize assessment tools as a means to promote high quality care and education for all. Yet these systems often do not recognize the diversity of needs in classrooms around the country. This panel will examine how quality is defined and measured and highlight effective strategies to build more equitable, inclusive systems.



Special Series: The Hunt Institute & National Parents Union |
Changing the Narrative for Effective Parent and Family Engagement

Thursday, August 18 |  2 pm ET 

As the pandemic continues to exacerbate and extend issues in education, topics such as critical race theory and masking have dominated headlines. Yet, polls have shown that issues such as unfinished learning and social and emotional wellbeing, among others, are primary concerns among parents. With billions in federal funding allocated to states, policymakers have an opportunity to include parents at the table to make bold changes in education systems. What do parents really want to see in their schools? How can policymakers and school leaders cut through the headlines to effectively amplify parent and family voices in data-driven decision-making? Join us for a conversation in partnership with the National Parents Union around how education systems can appropriately leverage parent engagement to transform education for the better.



Race & Education |
Teacher Wellbeing: The Importance of Educator Wellness Amidst the Pandemic

Wednesday, August 24 |  2 pm ET 

The Covid-19 pandemic shaped the way in which schooling is done in the United States. The pandemic has required teachers to switch to virtual instruction and pivot back and forth between a hybrid or in-person environment. Oftentimes this was done with limited guidance or support from the broader school systems who had to reckon with these large adjustments. Teachers also had to play a multitude of roles while also supporting the mental health and wellness of their students. Thus, this has taken a toll on educators leading to burnout and exodus of talent from school systems especially for teachers of color who already have to bear with other social issues. Thus it is important to take a look at our current systems and resources that can be utilized by policymakers to help alleviate this. This webinar will mainly focus on the importance of educator wellness and the ways in which this can be improved within schools.



Postsecondary Pathways
| The Role of Community Colleges in Postsecondary Attainment

Wednesday, August 31 |  2 pm ET 

Community colleges are uniquely positioned to support students in lifelong learning. Students have the ability to pursue a variety of programs, credentials, and degrees, from continuing education to re-skilling to an associate degree. In fact, roughly 35 percent of students enrolled in higher education attend a public two-year college. During this webinar, resource experts will discuss the pivotal role community colleges play in the higher education landscape.



Early Efforts |
The State of America's Child Care Industry

Tuesday, September 6 |  2 pm ET 

The past two years have proven that the child care industry is a critical piece of a state’s social and economic infrastructure, yet public policies don’t always address the challenges and supports needed by child care. In this session, an expert panel will discuss the state of the child care industry, considering the continuing impact of the pandemic.



Early Efforts |
The Legacy of Latina Leadership in Early Childhood Policy, Practice, and Advocacy

Tuesday, October 4 |  2 pm ET