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Homeroom with Education Leaders: Post-COVID0-19 Kindergarten Readiness

Child care and early childhood education has historically had inequities that impact student readiness as students enter kindergarten. Students without consistent access to high-quality early education, whether in the home or a child care center, often enter kindergarten behind their peers with greater access. These inequities have been furthered by COVID-19, as many child care centers were forced to close, and many parents struggled to balance work with high-quality educational opportunities for young children. As students enter kindergarten, these challenges are even more present, as students not only have to adjust to full-time schooling, but also are faced with either virtual learning or non-traditional in-person learning. This session will discuss challenges early childhood and kindergarten teachers are facing in providing students with a high-quality, equitable education, and state-level solutions for addressing some of these challenges.


Race & Education | Criminal Justice and Schools

As schools and school districts seek to address systemic racism, they must continue to address the issue of policing in schools and how it leads to the criminalization and dehumanization of BIPOC students. Research shows that there is little correlation between increased police presence and improvements to school safety. However, the research is quite clear on the benefits of investing in school mental health resources: the presence of mental health providers in schools improves both student outcomes and overall school safety. In this webinar, hear from activists, educators, and attorneys as they discuss the investments critical to supporting students’ social and emotional needs while exploring the relationships schools have with police.


Thinking Creatively to Evaluate Student Learning During COVID-19: Student Growth Now & Into the Future

We’re continuing our partnership with Data Quality Campaign to bring you the most current information regarding best practices for measuring student progress. Growth data will be crucial to understanding how COVID-19 impacted student progress and ensuring every student gets the support they need to get back on track for success.


Expanding State and Federal Support for Historically Black Colleges and Universities

For decades, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have played a critical role in providing postsecondary opportunities for students of color, but have never truly received public financial support that is commensurate with their impact. Join us for a discussion with current state and federal leaders around support for HBCUs with a special focus on the inequities that exist in state and federal funding of HBCUs, how these inequities can be addressed through policy, and the crucial role that HBCUs serve. This webinar is a collaboration between the Governing Principals and Race & Education series. Part two, focusing on the impact of COVID-19 on HBCUs from the perspective of institutional leaders, will take place on July 20th.