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Race & Education | High Quality Innovative Pathways to Strengthen the Teachers of Color Pipeline

Tuesday, June 11 |  2 pm ET 

Significant financial barriers prevent potential educators from entering the profession. The 1MTOC federal policy brief proposed the continued funding of teacher preparation grants, loan cancellation, and other federal loan forgiveness programs. Despite these financial barriers, stakeholders are finding innovative ways to create opportunities and incentives for candidates to enter the field. This webinar will explore the funding options and high retention pathways panelists have explored to increase support for diverse teacher candidates.


1MToC | Refining Retention: The Best Recruitment Strategy

Wednesday, June 12 |  2 pm ET 

Join the 1MTOC Campaign for an insightful webinar that delves into the factors contributing to the retention of diverse educators. Our expert panel will discuss the unique challenges faced by diverse educators in the workplace and present effective strategies to overcome these barriers. The session will elevate voices from leaders in the field, emphasizing that retention is essential for maintaining a high-quality, diverse teaching staff. Gain valuable insights and actionable strategies to ensure diverse educators thrive and continue to enrich the educational experiences of all students.


Postsecondary Pathways | Postsecondary Opportunities for Incarcerated Individuals

Thursday, June 13 |  2 pm ET 

Reintegrating incarcerated individuals into society via higher education is a complex issue. Several factors must be considered, including the individual’s criminal history, their educational background, and the availability of resources. Postsecondary pathways can support reentry to society and the workforce through various means, including access to educational resources, removing barriers to enrollment, providing wraparound support services, and creating a supportive environment. This webinar will highlight best practices of reentry education and policy recommendations at the national and state level for how to support the career pathways of incarcerated individuals.


Early Efforts | Impact of State Policies on Family Resources

Monday, June 17 |  1 pm ET 

State policies have a significant impact on the amount of resources available to a young family. States’ policy choices lead to significant variation across states, leading to young families in DC and New Jersey having access to twice the resources as families in Georgia and Tennessee. Learn about which policies have the greatest impact on families, and how investments in the early years return big dividends.


Homeroom with Education Leaders | Building Bridges: Empowering Family-School Partnerships for Student Achievement

Thursday, June 20 |  2 pm ET 

According to The Hunt Institute’s Across the Ailse report more than 8 in 10 voters believe that parents should be included in their child’s education, and about 7 in 10 voters agree that parents are included in their child’s education and what they are taught. Additionally, voters see a major role for teachers in determining curriculum, as well as for parents of school-age children, highlighting that despite narratives placing these groups at odds with each other, voters see both groups as necessary for curriculum oversight. Join the Hunt Institute for a conversation about the significance of engaging families in school partnerships and explore strategies to help expand its collaboration.