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Homeroom with Education Leaders | Post COVID-19 Parent Engagement

This fall, the majority of students are expected to be back in the physical classroom, with many of them having spent over a year engaging in virtual learning at home. As we work to make sure student needs continue to be met, parents will be one of the most important allies, both at the state and district level. This discussion will go over strategies for bringing parents into the conversation effectively while still prioritizing the needs of students.


Postsecondary Pathways | Embedding Equity in Statewide Attainment Goals

So far, 40 states across the country have set clear goals for raising educational achievement beyond high school. Many, like Indiana, have set clear goals for educational equity to improve achievement gaps and support the needs of the future economy. Hear from three leading experts on how they are making progress on with their state’s attainment goal, prioritizing equity, and preparing students for the workforce.


Race & Education | Creating Authentic and Affirming School Culture

This webinar will discuss the recent report from Teach Plus and the Center for Black Educator Development on how schools can become more affirming places where educators can be their authentic selves, particularly for Black teachers and other educators of color. Join experts and educators for this conversation highlighting teacher-centered perspectives on how to transform school cultures to better recruit, grow, support, and retain Black teachers.


Emerging Priorities in Education Series | The COVID Constituency: Using Polling Insights to Drive Educational Change

Since March 2020, pandemic school closures have forced families to confront shortcomings in our education system. Recent national polls reveal a strong desire to see bold changes in education – a COVID-19 Constituency that does not want education to return to the pre-pandemic status quo. This conversation will feature esteemed education pollster Lake of Lake Research Partners, who will share the results of a national education poll commissioned by the National School Boards Action Center. A panel of education leaders will then offer diverse perspectives on the state of education in the U.S., how polling data can impact education policy change at the local, state, and federal levels, and what change their constituents hope to see in education when pandemic triage ends.


Emerging Priorities in Education Series | Digital Safety for Teachers and Students

While schools are largely transitioning back to in-person learning, districts and states have indicated that digital learning will remain an option through the creation of permanent district-run virtual schools. While this retains a level of flexibility and personalized learning for students who thrived academically during the pandemic, an increase in time spent online is inherently correlated with an increase in risks and threats to student and teacher safety. Join us for a conversation on how the public and private sectors can partner to keep kids and classrooms safe.