The Hunt Institute works to inspire, educate, and equip policymakers and state leaders to make informed decisions that enhance learning, provide equal access to high-quality education systems, and increase educational opportunities for all learners.

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Over its 20-year history, The Hunt Institute has worked tirelessly to engage with governors, senior-level elected officials, legislators and their closest advisors in order to advance education policy.

Convened representatives from 22 states at the 2020 Governors’ Advisors Retreat.

Appointed 20 former governors to the Hunt-Kean Leadership Fellows Advisory Board, in addition to Governors Hunt and Kean.

Engaged over 1,000 state legislators in our work.

The Hunt-Kean Leadership Fellows (HK Fellows) network consists of almost 150 senior state-level leaders who have the skill and will to be reform-minded education policymakers.

Curriculum in the HK Fellows program covers the entire education continuum – early childhood, K-12, postsecondary, and the workforce.

The HK Fellows network boasts six sitting governors, one U.S. Senator, one former governor, and six current gubernatorial candidates.

After completion of the program, The Hunt Institute continues to engage with and provide support to HK Fellows on education-related issues.

Developed reputation for hosting bipartisan convenings leading to greater understanding and collegiality.

Hosted cross-state convenings to foster relationships and share best practices in the education policy space.

Authored 50 state early childhood landscape narratives to inform the conversation.

Assisted Idaho Governor Little in successfully applying for $3.34 million in PDG funding.

The Hunt Institute supports leaders in prioritizing education policy in their campaign platforms, with specific efforts around teacher pay, FAFSA completion, and child care subsidies, among others.