The Intersection
Overview of Federal Relief Funding by State

April 13, 2021

Federal Relief Packages to Support Education The federal government has provided multiple funding relief packages to address needs in state, local, and higher education systems due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Each relief package has multiple funding...

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Mental Health of K-12 Students During the Pandemic

April 9, 2021

The Challenge Schools are an essential source of nonacademic support for students as they provide essential services including health and mental health resources. These services are necessary factors for students’ emotional, social, and physical...

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Ed Data in the Time of COVID-19 | Why Does Student Growth Matter in Pandemic...

April 8, 2021

As policymakers across the country grapple with how to administer 2021 assessments, The Hunt Institute and Data Quality Campaign have hosted a series of webinars highlighting different aspects of measuring student growth this year. During these...

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An Interview with Dr. Javaid Siddiqi | How ACT and The Hunt Institute are...

April 7, 2021

(Posted from ACT's Leadership Blog) ACT and The Hunt Institute are mission-aligned on closing gaps in education equity, opportunity, and achievement. Stay tuned for opportunities to engage with both organizations as we work together to provide...

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The Role of Schools in Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy

March 31, 2021

The Challenge As of March 2, 2021, United States Department of Health and Human Services has directed states to make teachers, school staff, and child care workers eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. While a high percentage of the adult...

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Ensuring Equitable Access to Child Care Amidst COVID-19

March 30, 2021

Introduction and Overview America’s child care industry was in a precarious state even before COVID-19. But there is little question that the pandemic has exposed and exacerbated the sector’s longstanding challenges – and created new ones along the...

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Addressing Chronic Absenteeism

March 24, 2021

The Challenge The coronavirus outbreak has compounded a serious problem within schools: chronic absenteeism. Chronic absenteeism is defined as a student missing two or more days of school per month – roughly 10% of their time in school. Amid the...

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Homeroom Webinar Recap | Entrepreneurship and Education

March 24, 2021

 On March 9, 2021, Homeroom with Education Leaders kicked off another webinar with State Superintendent Catherine Truitt, Superintendent of Public Instruction for North Carolina; Hassan Hassan, Chief Executive Officer at 4.0 Schools; and Joel...

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Governing Principals | Equity-Centered Assessment Policy in 2021

March 18, 2021

Experts estimate that nearly three million students have not experienced any education since March 2020. Following the cancellation of state assessments and the waiver of state and federal accountability systems due to the COVID-19 pandemic,...

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Implementing Expanded Learning Opportunities During COVID-19

March 17, 2021

The Challenge Nationwide school disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic have impacted the education of millions of students, as many students experience inequitable access to distance learning and educators find growing evidence of large...

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