The COVID Constituency

Transforming Education Through Coalition-Building

Seventy-six percent of parents believe today’s education system is a major problem or in crisis.

Since March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a cataclysmic disruption of America’s education system. At the same time, the public is more aware than ever of the shortcomings that existed in education long before the pandemic. Unprecedented in how it has affected the entire population, the COVID Constituency comprises a growing coalition of parents, teachers, students, education leaders, and organizations that desire systemic changes in education rather than reverting to our pre-pandemic system. 

Using this developing COVID Constituency, The Hunt Institute and former Governor Wise (WV) created an initiative to collect firsthand experiences, perceptions, and priorities of those most impacted by our education system to translate them into actionable policies that will fundamentally change education for the better. 

“Never before have so many people from so many different backgrounds been aware of how their students engage in schooling and the challenges our education system faces. Now is the time to act.” - Governor Bob Wise 

Engaging Public Voices to Shape Tomorrow’s Schools 

Our project encompasses a series of resources that will continue to be released through 2022. Using multiple outlets, the project aims to uplift and amplify the voices of stakeholders on the ground to help inform education transformation in the country. Learn more about our COVID Constituency-related resources below. 

Reports & Resources

“The COVID Constituency: Emerging Priorities for Education Leaders” report provides an initial landscape of existing education opinion surveys conducted since the start of the pandemicidentifies clear and significant public priorities for bold education initiatives, and offers practical approaches for how education leaders can enact change

Click here to download the report.

Additional resources will be released throughout the year:

  • Public opinion survey results capturing challenges, perceptions, and priorities overlooked in existing surveys 
  • Highlights from interviews and focus groups with stakeholders, including parents, teachers, and leaders 
  • Policy briefs 
  • Playbooks 

Blog Posts

The COVID Constituency blog series, part of The Hunt Institute’s The Intersection blog, offera space to share publications from the project and other resources that will help inform policymakers as they work to transform education, while allowing opportunity for others to contribute information and partner in this important work.



Join us for our four-part webinar series, Emerging Priorities in Education, which highlights survey findings and specific policy areas of improvement.

  • Tuesday, September 28 | Using Polling Insights to Drive Educational Change |Register
  • Thursday, September 30 | Digital Safety for Teachers and Students | Register
  • Thursday, October 21 | Closing Skills Gaps through Online Learning | Register
  • Thursday, November 11 | The Digital Divide: Lessons Learned from the Pandemic and Long-term Considerations | Register

“At this moment, there is a convergence of once-in-a-lifetime levels of spending for states alongside a coalescing public will to make change. With this work we aim to provide everything the Constituency might need to be able to advocate effectively for that change.” - Dr. Javaid Siddiqi, President & CEO

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