Race & Education

Confronting Inequities in Education

In direct response to a call for action for equitable practices and policies that remove systemic barriers in education, The Hunt Institute’s Race and Education Webinar series seeks to engage in dialogue-related policy and best practices to aid in developing sustainable practices for equitable education policy.


The Hunt Institute is committed to having honest conversations about issues of race that are embedded in and impact all of public education. The Institute views all of its programs through an equity lens, and the Race & Education webinar series is another opportunity to lift up the voices of the people and organizations who have dedicated their time and resources to improving outcomes for children of color.

Since the first episode on July 28th, 2020, the series has featured individuals from a host of organizations fighting for racial equity, including My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, The American Indian Graduate Center, The Latino Community Foundation,  XQ Institute, The Center for Black Educator Development, The Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, Winston Salem State University, and Partner With Legacy.

Through these important conversations, we at The Hunt Institute hope to continue to learn, share, and implement solutions to the equity issues in America’s education system.

Upcoming Webinars

Visit our webinars page to learn about upcoming Race And Education webinars.

Past Webinars

We hope these important conversations serve as a catalyst for policymakers, nonprofit leaders, administrators, and educators hoping to make a substantive difference in the fight for racial equity in public education.

You can find all past episodes in our Race & Education playlist on our YouTube page. New episodes are added monthly.

Watch the episode that started off our Race & Education series in July 2020 below. This episode talks about challenging racism in state and local education system and features Denise Forte of The Education Trust, Michael Smith of My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, Angelique Albert of American Indian Graduate Center, and Christian Arana of Latino Community Foundation.