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Former Gov. @PhilBryantMS says his father, a WWII veteran, was always reading. As a child with dyslexia, he found this encouraging. In this episode of @Hunt_Institute‘s #AsYetUntold, learn how the governor went on to strengthen #literacy in Mississippi.

Growing up in a blue-collar family, Governor @PhilBryantMS always assumed he’d head to work after high school graduation Then he realized he could work and go to school at night. This was a game changer for the former governor. @Hunt_Institute #AsYetUntold

Governor @PhilBryantMS, a first-generation college student, knew he belonged in politics after he met Ronald Reagan at the White House in 1996. Learn about his journey from state representative to governor in @Hunt_Institute’s #AsYetUntold #podcast.

After having children in the 1980s, Gov. @PhilBryantMS became a concerned parent, and wondered how he could get more parents active in their children’s education. He became involved in politics. Learn more in @Hunt_Institute’s #AsYetUntold with @jsiddiqi7.

Governor @PhilBryantMS put 100 million reading coaches in M.S. schools and $98 million toward federally funded daycare. Learn how the former governor grew to care about literacy in @Hunt_Institute’s #AsYetUntold podcast with @jsiddiqi7.


As a fourth grader, Governor Phil Bryant, the son of a book-loving World War II veteran, learned he had dyslexia. When his classmates went out to recess, Governor Bryant stayed back for one-on-one reading practice with his teacher. It’s no wonder that while in office, Governor Bryant became intent on improving literacy rates in Mississippi. Learn more about the former governor in The Hunt Institute’s latest episode of #AsYetUntold.

Growing up in a blue-collar family in rural Mississippi, Governor Phil Bryant assumed he’d begin working following high school graduation. Then, he realized he could work during the day and attend community college at night. This was a game changer for the first-generation college student and former governor, who went on to receive bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Learn about Governor Bryant’s journey to political office in The Hunt Institute’s latest episode of #AsYetUntold.


In the latest episode of The Hunt Institute’s podcast, As Yet Untold, The Institute’s President and CEO Dr. Javaid Siddiqi sits down with Governor Phil Bryant, the 64th governor of Mississippi. We hope you’ll take a listen to this conversation, where Governor Bryant walks us through his childhood in rural Mississippi and his efforts as governor to increase literacy rates in Mississippi.

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