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Secretary @arneduncan has advice for identifying the 2-3 million children who haven’t been to school in a year. Start knocking on doors. Hear more from President @BarackObama’s @usedgov secretary in the latest episode of @Hunt_Institute’s #AsYetUntold:

As a teen in Chicago, Secretary @arneduncan began losing friends to gun violence. Now he works with @ChicagoCred to help young people build a better future for themselves and their families. Listen to the latest episode of @Hunt_Institute’s #AsYetUntold:

When Secretary @arneduncan served as @ChiPubSchools CEO, every two weeks, one student was lost to community gun violence. Learn what he’s doing to end the heartbreak resulting from gun violence on the latest episode of #AsYetUntold.

Secretary @arneduncan grew up in “two wildly different worlds.” His father was a @UChicago professor, and his mother ran an after school program for low-income children. Learn how this molded him in the latest episode of @Hunt_Institute‘s #AsYetUntold:

“The question for our country is not just if we can make it as a democracy, but can we make it as a multicultural, multiethnic, multiracial democracy.”

Hear more from Secretary @arneduncan on the latest episode of @Hunt_Institute’s #AsYetUntold.


Secretary Arne Duncan served for seven years under President Barack Obama. In the latest episode of The Hunt Institute’s podcast, #AsYetUntold, Secretary Duncan describes his worst day in D.C., his work to strengthen pre-K, and his challenges in bringing financial aid to DREAMers. If you’re in the education space, you don’t want to miss this #equity-focused conversation.

When Secretary Arne Duncan was a teenager living in Chicago, he began losing students to gun violence. When he became the CEO of Chicago Public Schools, he lost an average of one student every two weeks to gun violence. When he was serving as President Barack Obama’s education secretary in D.C., he watched helplessly as news spread of the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre. Now, he’s working to put a stop to the heartbreak. Learn more about the work he is doing with Chicago CRED in the latest episode of The Hunt Institute’s podcast, #AsYetUntold.

Secretary Arne Duncan is open about the fact that he was cut “very early by the Boston Celtics.” After moving to Australia to play professional basketball there, he was struck by the disparities between the wealthy and poor in Australia – which were much less than in the United States. Since ending his professional basketball career, Secretary Duncan has worked to mitigate disparities in education, holding fast to the belief that talent is much more equally distributed than opportunity.  Listen to the latest episode of The Hunt Institute’s #AsYetUntold podcast.


In the latest episode of The Hunt Institute’s podcast, As Yet Untold, The Institute’s President and CEO Dr. Javaid Siddiqi sits down with former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. We hope you’ll listen to this conversation, where Secretary Duncan describes growing up in Chicago, making his way to D.C. in 2009, and returning home in 2016 with a new mission.

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