Gov. Cooper stops at WSSU to talk educator diversity

November 21, 2023

Winston-Salem, N.C. — Governor Roy Cooper stopped at Winston-Salem State University Friday to talk about improving educator diversity in the state.

It was for the DRIVE Task Force’s State of Teacher Diversity Luncheon.

One thing highlighted was how the state can make improvements to recruit students to teach here.

“I know that there are a lot of young people with aspirations now who want to make a difference in this world. And I encourage them to look at the teaching profession and some are concerned because the pressures are greater, the money is not as good as some other things that they can do. It’s why we need to keep the pay competitive,” Cooper said.

The Drive Task Force’s 2021 report found that about 2 out of every 10 North Carolina teachers were people of color, while more than half of the state’s students were people of color.

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