Public Education in Turbulent Times by Faiza M. Jamil and Javaid E. Siddiqi

February 1, 2024

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Public Education in Turbulent Times communicates a bold vision for the future of education, addressing the evolving purpose of American public education and the structural innovations schools are using to meet the needs of a rapidly transforming world. Highlighting key challenges that emerged during the immense economic and social disruptions of recent years, the book leverages case studies of four unique school districts where school communities overcame concerns high in the public consciousness – trauma, danger, economic inequality, and racial injustice. These obstacles have hampered efforts to reclaim lost learning opportunities that could define the educational experiences of a generation of students. If educators revert to business as usual, they risk dismissing essential lessons from resilient schools that thrived in the chaos of a global pandemic and its fallout. This book provides rich insights to refocus readers’ attention on achieving a more equitable and safe education system for the future.

Faiza M. Jamil is a former K-12 teacher and currently serves as Associate Professor of Education and Human Development at Clemson University, USA. Jamil is the Founding Director of the Contexts of Learning and Development Lab, where she conducts interdisciplinary research with a focus on educational equity across learning contexts.

Javaid E. Siddiqi is a former Virginia Secretary of Education and currently serves as the President and CEO of The Hunt Institute, USA. In this role, he works with senior-level elected officials across the political aisle to help design strategy, shape policy, and drive educational improvements on the national and state levels.

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