Statement from Gov. Jim Hunt on Vote to Adopt the Common Core

June 3, 2010

Statement from Gov. Jim Hunt on Vote to Adopt the Common Core

The following is a statement from Hunt Institute Foundation Board Chair and former Governor James B. Hunt, Jr. on the North Carolina State Board of Education’s approval of the Common Core State Standards today:

“North Carolina has long been a leader in education reform, and I commend our State Board of Education for taking another significant step today. This vote is a promise of a quality education for all North Carolina’s students. It is a promise to future generations—and parents of future generations—that a North Carolina education stands for something. This is not only an exciting and historic development that can signal the beginning of extraordinary progress for our schools, but also student success in a rapidly changing, competitive, and viable global economy. Now, we must ensure our schools and teachers have the support and resources they need to ensure the accomplishments of every North Carolina student. This is what every student deserves, and I am confident we can achieve this goal.”

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