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How will the Common Core Impact Bright Students?

September 21, 2012

In the Huffington Post article “To accelerate, or not,” Dr. Hung-Hsi Wu, professor emeritus of math at the University of California, Berkeley takes head on a concern that “…students will be impacted negatively by having to study material that is no longer challenging or considered beyond grade level. As a result, a misguided hypothesis has emerged: the best way to educate our brightest students in mathematics is to let them accelerate through the grades.” Dr. Wu – along with colleagues across the country – asserts that the quality of the mathematics education is far more important than how fast students can learn. “Because the expectations of the CCSSM are substantial and rigorous, our effort should be focused on effective implementation of the CCSSM in a way that does them justice. We should not allow a sideshow about acceleration to overshadow our nation’s drive to achieve excellence in mathematics education.”

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