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Riddile Sets Expectations for Georgia Performance Standards Test Scores

January 2, 2013

In The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Mel Riddile, the associate director for high school services at the National Association of Secondary School Principals, addresses questions of interest for Georgia residents in Maureen Downey’s Get Schooled blog. Riddile acknowledges that there will be a significant drop in the first year of the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) assessments, but that should be expected. According to Riddile, “factor in the short amount of time that Georgia students have been exposed to the GPS, and it becomes clear that the first round of scores should be considered not as a definitive summation of Georgia students’ abilities, but rather as a benchmark for gauging progress toward the Standards.” Riddile goes on to explain that the new GPS calls for a “much higher level of student performance as indicators of college-and-career-readiness.” Read more about the expectations of GPS here.

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