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NC Superintendent’s shines light on CCSS history, future

April 25, 2013


North Carolina’s State Superintendent June Atkinson shares her first-hand knowledge of how the Common Core State Standards were created in her blog, “Common Core – It’s About Reading and Math.” Superintendent Atkinson explains that she met with about 45 other state superintendents in Chicago a few years ago to discuss how they could work together to determine what students should know in mathematics and English language arts.

“As a result of that meeting, we asked some of the brightest minds in mathematics and English language arts to identify what students should know and be able to do. That work is now the Common Core state standards. The work went through many drafts before it was completed. In fact, in North Carolina teachers, business people, and citizens gave feedback to these drafts, and we made changes to improve the initial ideas. That same process also happened in the other states. Then the NC State Board of Education adopted those standards in 2010, and the new standards – along with North Carolina-developed new standards in all other subjects – were implemented last fall in classrooms across the state.”

Read the State Superintendent’s Blog here.


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