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Securing Successful Mathematics

July 10, 2013

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) President, Linda M. Gojak, discusses in the NCTM article, Stay the Course: Supporting Success with the Common Core State Standards, how crucial it is for all stakeholders to work together if we are to secure effective math opportunities for children. She explains how “we are currently on a journey that has the potential to make an unprecedented difference for students if we think purposefully about how to change practice and about the content that we teach.”

Gojak continues on to address how educational standards should not be the target of political rhetoric, but a positive opportunity for all students to have the same high expectations and opportunities. “The recent undercurrent of dissatisfaction with the Common Core does not come from classroom teachers, who are doing their best to study and understand both the content and practice standards, but rather from those who know little about the standards and their potential to increase the likelihood for student success. “

To ensure the success of the Common Core State Standards, Gojak provided eight issues for states to consider.

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