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Common Core: Not a “Bait and Switch”

September 11, 2013


Florida elementary teacher, Amy Utter Spies, shares her views about the changes Common Core brings to teaching and student learning in the Daytona News-Journal article, “Common Core Goals Focus on Skills.” Spies proclaims how wise a decision it was for Florida to adopt the Standards, stating that it came at a critical time in our country.

“States and students spend $3 billion annually to reteach high school classes to college students. Common Core State Standards were designed with the end in mind, with the intent to prepare students for success in higher education and career pathways. These standards are not the same-old learning targets branded with a new label. They are clear, consistent, and establish high learning goals.”

Spies continues to discuss the many advantages of the Common Core and the impact she now sees in her own classroom. For teachers, she says there will be some challenges, but she reassures that they are ready to take it on with a support system that is “spanning the country.”

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