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NBC News Unveils Parent Toolkit

October 24, 2013

In an effort to aid parents understanding of the new Common Core State Standards, NBC News’ Education Nation team created an easily accessible parent toolkit to help parents participate in their children’s academic success and personal growth. This free resource is a one-stop-shop for parents as a website and mobile app, and includes:

  • A “growth cart” containing grade-by-grade academic benchmarks for pre-k through 12th grade in Math and English language arts
  • Tips and resources for parents to support their children’s learning for pre-k through 12th grade
  • A guide to parent-teacher conferences and school counselor meetings
  • A newsfeed with stories, blog posts and videos from a variety of sources

The goals of this toolkit are to give parents a resource in which they can increase awareness and understanding of key education issues, establish a clear understanding of what is expected of their children at each step in their academic journey from pre-K through 12th grade, and provide a comprehensive set of tips and tools to help them engage in and monitor their children’s academic development. NBC News enlisted a number of experts, including The Hunt Institute’s senior advisor, Lucille Davy, to help provide advice on all of the content throughout the site.

The Parent Toolkit, sponsored by Pearson, launched at the 2013 Education Nation Summit in New York City. In 2014 and 2015, NBC News plans to expand the toolkit to include health and social developmental benchmarks, as well as benchmarks for social studies and science.  For more information visit


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