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There’s a Lot Left to Learn From Jim Hunt

November 15, 2013

By The Hunt Team

Sacramento Bee Associate Editor Foon Rhee shares his views on the political careers of California’s Governor Jerry Brown and North Carolina’s former Governor Jim Hunt in the op-ed, Editorial notebook: Jerry Brown could learn a thing or two from Jim Hunt, who took a similar path. A former reporter for The Charlotte Observer, Rhee discusses the parallel roads taken by these two longest serving governors in their states.

Rhee indicates that Hunt also sees the similarities between his career and Brown’s. “As young governors, they wanted to ‘conquer the world,’ Hunt said. As older governors with more experience, they were ‘clearer on just what they wanted to do and how to do it.’”

“Already California’s longest-serving governor, Brown, 75, can extend his run if he is re-elected next year. He follows his own instincts, but it wouldn’t hurt to seek Hunt’s advice,” writes Rhee.

“Hunt’s legacy as North Carolina’s longest-serving governor is clear. Brown is obviously thinking about his, saying recently, ‘I’m in a unique position, so that makes me want to do something big.’”

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