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The Intersection Webinar Recap: Learning Policy Institute

November 8, 2018

Our thanks to Jessica Cardichon, Director of Federal Policy and Stephen Kostyo, Policy Advisor at the Learning Policy Institute. Their new report “Making ESSA’s Equity Promise Real: State Strategies to Close the Opportunity Gap” provides information on which states are using provisions in ESSA to address students’ needs and to ensure schools provide educational opportunity to all students. The report highlights how these efforts can be maximized. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Indicators of Opportunity |Equity indicators may include student suspension, school climate, chronic absenteeism, extended-year graduation rate, and college and career readiness.
  • Implications for Equity| States who included these indicators in their ESSA plans are required to report data for all subgroups of students, enabling schools and districts to identify disparities between groups.
  • Implementation Considerations | Questions are listed for each indicator highlighting ways that families and community organizations can engage with states and districts to ensure that equity indicators are meaningfully included and measured.

For more on our conversation with Jessica & Stephen, please check out the full webinar below!


We hope you’ll join us for our next webinar on Wednesday, December 5th, at 1pm (EST). We look forward to talking with Blair Mann, Communications Director at Data Quality Campaign (DQC). Blair will discuss the recent DQC report entitled “Using Data to Support and Communicate Effectively about Social-Emotional Learning” which equips leaders with the tools needed to talk about social-emotional learning, including how data can help improve school investments in SEL development, help teachers support student success and how schools can collect, use, and safeguard SEL data. 

Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter for details on how to register.

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