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The Informed Decision-Making Collaborative

July 9, 2021

The Informed Decision-Making Collaborative (IDMC) is an initiative in North Carolina led by The Hunt Institute in collaboration with the Office of the Governor and the North Carolina Government Data Analytics Center.

This effort brings together partners vested in the state’s education longitudinal data system (ELDS) who work together to move raw data to informed policy in order to benefit North Carolina. The NC ELDS can help inform policymakers, researchers, and stakeholders in the education community by providing rich data regarding characteristics of our educational system and those within it.

Partners Include:

The IDMC began working together in February 2020 to collaboratively create a cross-sector research agenda that uses data from the NC ELDS to inform policy and practices across the P20W education spectrum. The agenda will consist of research questions that have not traditionally been able to be answered through the current data system. A state research agenda is an important strategy to ensure data from the system is used effectively to answer questions that inform decisions and policymaking across the education continuum.

Read more about North Carolina’s ELDS, Connecting the Continuum: Longitudinal Data Systems in North Carolina.

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