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Only three generations ago, @JohnBKing’s family was enslaved. He’s stood in the cabin where his great grandfather lived. He knows he’s alive because his ancestors survived. Learn more about Secretary King’s past in @Hunt_Institute’s #AsYetUntold.

Former Secretary @JohnBKing, who announced his bid for Maryland governor in April, joins @Hunt_Institute podcast #AsYetUntold with @jsiddiqi7. Listen to learn about the teachers who invested in him and how he hopes to invest in the future of Maryland.

Former Secretary @JohnBKing describes school as a place he felt safe, nurtured, engaged, and interested. In @Hunt_Institute’s podcast #AsYetUntold, he shares how we can better support students on their education journeys. #1millionteachers

For @JohnBKing, how students do in school depends on how they and their families fare in other systems – do they have access to healthcare, food, jobs, and housing? You don’t want to miss this episode of @Hunt_Institute’s #AsYetUntold with @jsiddiqi7.

When former Secretary @JohnBKing announced his bid for Maryland governor, he felt compelled to make sure that once school funding reform is passed, it is implemented #equitably throughout the state. Learn more in @Hunt_Institute’s #AsYetUntold #podcast.


In The Hunt Institute’s latest episode of #AsYetUntold, President & CEO Dr. Javaid Siddiqi sits down with former US Secretary of Education John B. King. The two #EdLeaders discuss Secretary King’s childhood, the investments teachers made in his education, and how he hopes to improve the outlook for Marylanders across the state.


Just three generations ago, former Secretary of Education John B. King’s family were enslaved, living in a log cabin that still exists today. Secretary King has stood in that cabin. He’s talked to the family that owns the property – the family that is a direct line of descendants to those who enslaved Secretary King’s family. He knows that he’s alive because his ancestors survived. As he looks to his future running for Maryland governor, he believes students need to understand that our country hasn’t always lived up to the words in the Declaration of Independence. Learn more about the life of Secretary King in The Hunt Institute’s podcast, #AsYetUntold.


In the latest episode of The Hunt Institute’s podcast, As Yet Untold, The Institute’s President and CEO Dr. Javaid Siddiqi sits down with former Secretary of Education and current Maryland gubernatorial candidate John B King. We hope you’ll take a listen to this conversation, where Secretary King shares his family history, how he grew to love learning, and his aspirations for the state of Maryland.

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