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Karol Mason (@JohnJayPres) grew up during the height of the civil rights movement. After graduating from @UMichLaw, she had the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young people of color. Listen to the latest from @Hunt_Institute’s #AsYetUntold:

While working for @TheJusticeDept, Karol Mason (@JohnJayPres) witnessed violence in communities of color and vulnerability of young boys and men. In @Hunt_Institute‘s new episode of #AsYetUntold, she talks about our country’s deeply rooted systemic issues.

At @JohnJayCollege, more than 75% of students are students of color – many are the first in their families to go to college. In @Hunt_Institute’s new episode of #AsYetUntold, learn how @JohnJayPres works to bridge #inequities on the campus during #COVID19.

After being selected for a prestigious N.C. leadership program in college, Karol Mason (@JohnJayPres) met our namesake, Gov. Hunt, during his first term. Learn how she’s paving the way for #EdEquity in the latest episode of @Hunt_Institute‘s #AsYetUntold.

Karol Mason (@JohnJayPres) believes that by investing in #EarlyChildhood, engaging students, and having difficult discussions around race, we can keep more young people out of the justice system. The latest episode of  @Hunt_Institute‘s #AsYetUntold:


Karol Mason, president of John Jay College of Criminal Justice, is a firm believer that we aren’t defined by our circumstances – where we’re born or who we are born to shouldn’t define our lives. The newest episode of The Hunt Institute’s podcast, #AsYetUntold, explores how deeply rooted systemic issues are in our country, and how we must address these issues through funding, collaboration, and empathy.

While serving in the United States Department of Justice under President Barack Obama, Karol Mason saw violence happening in communities of color, and understood just how vulnerable young boys and men were to falling into the justice system. Since that time, she’s dedicated her life to addressing the systemic issues that exist in our society – today she’s the president of John Jay College of Criminal Justice, a Hispanic- and Minority-Serving Institution, helping students explore the many facets of justice.


In the latest episode of The Hunt Institute’s podcast, As Yet Untold, The Institute’s President and CEO Dr. Javaid Siddiqi talks with Karol Mason, the fifth president of John Jay College of Criminal Justice. We hope you’ll listen to this conversation, where Karol Mason talks about growing up during the height of the civil rights movement, being recruited to The United States Department of Justice, and leading a Hispanic- and Minority-Serving Institution during a pandemic.

The podcast is available on Google, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. Listen here: