The Hunt Institute Announces New Resource for COVID-19 Research

April 9, 2020

Cary, NC. – The Hunt Institute has released a new tool to aid policymakers in their quest for information related to state actions in response to COVID-19 in the areas of early childhood, K-12, and postsecondary education. The 50-state map complements the resources The Institute released last month.

“In the interest of time, we released state-specific resources on March 24th on our website in a table format. It was critically important to get the information out as quickly as possible. Now that it has been available for a few weeks, we have had the time to be thoughtful about how to present the information in a more accessible way to a larger audience,” said Dr Javaid Siddiqi, The Hunt Institute President & CEO. “We are grateful that the resources thus far have been received well and referred to in national news outlets like The New York Times and NPR, and are pleased to make this more user-friendly format available.”

While the information accessed via the mapping tool remains the same, the new format allows individuals to immediately hone in on specific states to get real-time information on existing actions being taken across the education continuum. “Our staff is constantly monitoring the latest information, and we are updating the data as it comes in,” said Siddiqi.

In addition to the new mapping tool, The Hunt Institute has also released a list of policy considerations for policymakers to utilize as they begin discussions on how to move forward in light of the challenges the COVID-19 crisis has uncovered. “We recognize that COVID-19 will forever change the education landscape as we know it. It is important to seize this moment to do what we can to make sure lasting improvements are made,” Siddiqi said. 

About The Hunt Institute

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