The Intersection

Supporting a College- and Career-Ready America Through the Business Lens

February 9, 2016


If the Common Core has taught us one thing, it’s that quality education matters to more people than just the educators who are teaching, the students who are learning, and the parents who are monitoring.

We believe that’s an important lesson, and our business members are counted among those committed to improving education in America for all students.

Some might say that business leaders have no dog in this fight. The reality is that after high school and postsecondary studies come to a close, the next chapter for students is entering the workforce. And today, it’s a workforce that demands a second-to-none education as our nation faces unprecedented competition from abroad.

But as our infographic describes, companies spend about $3 billion annually to improve the literacy skills of young adults entering the workforce. That number comes as little surprise in light of 4-in-10 employers now expressing dissatisfaction with high school graduates’ ability to read, think analytically, and solve real-world problems. This skills gap doesn’t just put a damper on our businesses and economy at large, but it also diminishes opportunity for our students.


That’s why the Committee for Economic Development created a suite of products to inform business leaders, parents, policymakers, and other stakeholders about how college- and career-ready standards can help bridge this divide to make real progress.

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