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The Intersection Webinar Recap: New America

May 11, 2018

Our thanks to Roxanne Garza, Policy Analyst at New America for presenting on this week’s The Intersection: A Biweekly Education Policy Conversation. Roxanne joined us to share key takeaways from her new analysis of state-level principal evaluation systems, Guiding Principals: State Efforts to Bolster Instructional Leadership.

Key Takeaways:

  • States value instructional leadership | All fifty states include references to instructional leadership in their principal evaluation systems; 26 states have an evaluation standard explicitly devoted to the responsibility.
  • Expectations vary widely | There is little consistency across states in how instructional leadership is defined – interpretation in the field is also highly variable.
  • Training is needed for school leaders and their evaluators | New America encourages states to utilize the Title II, Part A set aside in ESSA to provide principals and principal evaluators with training that ensures all parties are using consistent language around the roles and expectations of school leaders.

For more on our conversation with Roxanne, check out the full webinar below!
You can also explore New America’s data visualization tool on instructional leadership here.

We hope you’ll join us for our next webinar on Wednesday, May 23rd, at 1pm (EST). We look forward to talking with Richard Culatta from ISTE who will provide an update on state progress towards meeting educational technology goals set in governors’ 2018 State of the State addresses.

Stay tuned and follow us via Twitter with #HIWebinar for details on how to register.

See you at the Intersection,
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