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Welcome to The Intersection!

August 1, 2012

Welcome to The Intersection! Ten years ago, we started The James B. Hunt, Jr. Institute for Educational Leadership and Policy with the goal of transforming American public education by working at the intersection of education policy and politics.

As we continue to work to improve our nation’s future and make sure that our students remain competitive with their international peers, we know that success will not be possible unless we can come together to collaborate, innovate, set high expectations, and embrace opportunities to learn from the past and move purposefully forward.

Our hope is that this blog will be a place where those ideas and discussions can flourish.  Where diverse and thoughtful voices come together to share their perspectives and explore ideas that will move American education forward for our children.

For example, nearly 90% of students live in states that have adopted the Common Core State Standards – the challenge now is to ensure supports are in place for states to implement their new standards effectively. Ongoing conversation on professional development, assessments, and more is vital to the success of the initiative.

From the school house to the state house and the White House – The Intersection will be a place to discuss our education system and the roles we all play to ensure that it serves the generations to come well.

Thank you for visiting and joining us as we give a voice to our partners and others who are working hard to give all of our students the high-quality education they deserve.

Governor James B. Hunt, Jr.

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